If you have been trying to get pregnant with no luck than these 3 easy tips to increase fertility naturally will help you on your journey to motherhood. Having to guess what might help can be a slow route to having your own baby. Following these steps described below will create a fertile environment for your reproductive system.

The first easy tip is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. Consuming a variety of nutritious foods will provide you with the essential nutrients, vitamins and extra support to balance your hormones, temperature and sleeping habits. These three things alone will increase your fertility and make you feel much better. Be sure to eat plenty of green veggies and a variety of color from all fruit and veggies. Each color represents a variety of nutrients and vitamins to create a healthy body. On the flipside, avoid toxins, processed foods and limit your caffeine. These three things will create an imbalance of your hormones.

The second tip is to find an app which tracks your ovulation and put it on your phone or computer. There are a few days in which you will be able to conceive each month so you want to know for sure which days to take action. Be sure to take your temperature every morning at the same time. Without the app tracker, you will be playing the lotto with a 3 to 30 chance of conceiving. Do you really want those odds? Play smart and find an ovulation app online. One of my favorite tracking apps is the OvuView which you can find while searching that term on Google.

The final tip is to make an appointment to see your family doctor. Ask him / her as many questions as possible to help you understand the process of getting pregnant. Make sure your doctor tests your hormone levels, blood sugar and any potential diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Your doctor should also test certain hormones during your menstrual cycle to make sure your levels are within normal range during that timeframe. It is normal for your hormone levels to change at different times of the month.

If you implement these three easy steps then you will increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Remember to eat healthy, find your favorite ovulation tracker app and see your family doctor. Investing in a healthy lifestyle now before you get pregnant will give you peace of mind for you and your future baby.