When it comes to endometriosis, diet is all-important, and red meat is a no-no. But why? Well, before that question gets answered, it is perhaps better to look at the condition itself and find out what causes it. Endometriosis is a condition that affects only women and is identified in the uterus region of the body. The uterus itself is lined with endometrial cells that are known as womb cells. What happens in a normal woman is that these cells build up, and then during menstruation, they void themselves, leaving the uterus clean, and then the cycle begins again.

Endometriosis, however, is when the lining of the uterus does not void itself, and settles in areas outside the uterus such as the lower pelvis. It can cause lesions on the muscle. For the women who experience this, it can be very painful. The symptoms are characterized by constant pelvic pain, a gnawing pain in the thighs, trouble walking, trouble going to the bathroom and very painful sex and infertility. There is no cure as such for the disease. However, there are ways in which the symptoms can be improved. You can undergo surgery every so often in order to remove the excess cells. Along with this, you can also go on hormonal therapies or use lots of pain medication.

The homeopathic way

Aside from resorting to normal medicine, you can also try to manage the symptoms on a homeopathic level. One of the ways in which to do this is to control the diet that you eat. One often underestimates just how much you can actually do if you simply try and eat the correct diet for the ailment that you are struggling with.

In the case of endometriosis, one of the main things to steer clear of is, without a doubt, red meat. The reason for this is that medical research has shown that the consumption of red meat leads to more prostaglandins building up in your system. These are very complex fatty acids that are generally always present in your body, but eating red meat generates more of them. They are also responsible for period cramps and other such things. The prostaglandins bond with estrogen in your body, causing the endometrial cells to grow, as they are fed by the process of oestrogen synthesis. This is the reason why in order to alleviate your endometriosis, you should stop eating red meat right away.

If you can control one thing, make sure that it is your diet, because you do not want to find yourself in a position where you suffer from this type of condition for longer than necessary.