Dear me …

The periods you are having are not normal. They should not be causing you so much pain and making you spend days in bed. Do not take today for granted. In a few years you will need all the strength you can get. Unfortunately, there will be some tough patches ahead but I want to remember that you are right! You know best when something is not quite right with your body. Go with that niggling feeling! Do not let your doctors or other people you know make you doubt yourself. Do not let them make you question your own pain or make you feel insane. The pain IS NOT all in your head. IT IS REAL! Put your foot down Girl! You have to fight!

There will be days you are going to struggle with pain. Getting through some days will be very hard. But please believe me, you will do it! You will survive this. Do not stress about having to say no to invitations or going out. You will realize quite quickly that you have to put yourself first and if that means spending some days in bed or resting to regain some energy, then so be it. Your real friends will still be there after and that is something you're going to learn soon! Some people will come and some will go. Especially those who only want you if you benefit them. When your health goes slowly down you may find some friends 'disappear'. Please do not let yourself become disheartened. They were not your real friends to start with. There will be some surprises too! Trust me when I say that you will make friends with some people you may never even meet, in countries all over the world! There is a whole group of women out there, feeling the same as you … ready to help! They are known as the Endo Sisters. This will make no sense to you now, but I promise you that these women will become a life line.

More than anything, remember to keep your head up. Trust me, you are a born fighter. Braver than you think and a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. And for days when you are feeling a bit down, in a lot of pain and fed up of not being able to do anything. Take it easy. There's always tomorrow.