Bidet sprayers may be new to the west, but in Japan and other Asian countries they are now more popular than ever.

Many people are claiming that this is the hygiene product of the millennium. When you feel the massive difference compared to toilet paper, we are sure you will agree. One thing is sure, you will not return to toilet paper, by choice!

The bidet sprayer is also a product of green technology, because it greatly reduces the use of toilet paper and so is very kind on our tress, and so hugely environmental.

It has been reported that 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper gets used every year in the United States alone, which equates to approximately 15 million trees. The process of manufacturing that amount of toilet tissue means that 473 billion gallons of water would have been needed. In addition, 253,000 tons of chlorine is needed to bleach the tissue. Therefore, by simply replacing your tissue with the bidet spray it means that you would also be playing a part in taking care of the environment. Plus, save you a lot of money in the long run!

In today's day and age, with such hectic city lifestyles, many people find that their personal hygiene tends to slip. We must remember that taking care of our bodies is paramount. No one else will look after our bodies.

When it comes to a woman feeling great about herself, one of the main factors that can have a positive effect on her life is feeling fresh and clean. This is why it is important, even with the day to day hustle and bustle schedule, that woman especially take some time out of each day in order to focus on the smaller, yet very important things in life. That is why a shattaf or bidet sprayer is an essential solution for every home and office allowing even those with the busiest of schedules to be able to freshen up quickly and easily so that they can still keep up with the day to day demands of life. This added freshness will in turn give all females a confidence boost and an upbeat attitude towards work, family and friends.

The therapeutic jet of water provided by bidet sprayers can also provide beneficial relief from haemorrhoids, as well as a soothing relief from rashes and women's thrush.

Unlike a stand alone bidet which is a separate unit needing extra space within your bathroom, a hand held bidet dryer takes up very any space at all. It is easily attached to your toilet for convenience, making it almost unnoticeable. The perfect addition to your bathroom suite at home or workplace. This is especially true for those of you that do not like bulky items which are difficult to set up and use.

Plus, the best bidet sprayers are made using 100% stainless steel parts. These devices will come with a longer warranty. As with most medical and catering products, stainless steel increases both durability and rust resistance over a longer period. Be careful of purchasing cheaper plastic bidet sprayers which can crack. Or chrome plated bidet sprayers which can peel and become unsightly very quickly.

With some regular care your bidet sprayer will last you for years then giving you a huge return on investment over toilet paper just in purchase costs! Depending on which area you live, there can be a build up of limescale.

Then there are the massive lifestyle benefits of the bidet sprayer. Less bacteria will mean less fatigue, less days off work, improved performance.

Win win every time !!