There are perfectly effective and simple exercises you can do at home to achieve the shape and size you are looking for. One thing that you need to understand when using breast enlargement exercises is that you are not increasing the fat, which is the main component of breast tissue but are actually building up the pectoral muscle that is underneath your breasts.

• Chair dips
Using this exercise is one of the best ways to use minimal equipment in virtually any location. You want to make sure that the chair you are using will not move during the exercises. To do this breast enlargement exercises you will need to sit on the chair and put both of your hands on the edge of the seat next to your thighs. Slowly lift your body off the chair and walk your legs out so your body will be directly in front of the chair. Bend your arms to lower your body as far as you are able to. Press back upward. You should repeat this exercise for two sets with ten repetitions in each set.

• Push-ups using an exercise ball
When do push-ups on an exercise ball will not only help to isolate your lower portion of your pectoral muscles but will also help to strengthen your entire chest. You need to make sure when you are doing these breast enlargement exercises that the exercise ball is inflated to what the manufacture recommends and it is on a surface that is non-slip. The reason is that a portion of your body weight will be on the exercise ball and if the ball slips or is not inflated properly you could get hurt. To start the exercises place your stomach on top of the exercise ball while allowing your feet and hands to touch the ground or floor. Walk yourself forward with your hands until you have your lower legs on top of the ball. Make sure that you are keeping your back straight. Bend your arms and then lower yourself as far as you can. Push back up and repeat for ten to twelve repetitions.

• Lying dumbbell pullovers
With these breast enlargement exercises you will be using a weight bench and a dumbbell. Lay on your back on the weight bench, holing one dumbbell with both hands, making sure that your arms are straight. Hold it vertical and over your face. Slowly bend your elbows and lower the weight behind your head as far as you able to. Lift the dumbbell slowly back up to the starting position. Do ten to twelve repetitions.

• Modified push-ups
These breast enlargement exercises will help to stimulate your core and your arms along with helping to develop your pectoral muscles. Get on all fours making sure your hands and chest are aligned. Slightly press your hips forward but make sure that you are keeping your spain straight. Lower your chest toward the floor while you bend your arms. Hold for ten seconds and then slowly come up until the arms are straight. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions