Abortion is now legal in the United States. There are several reasons why some women undergo medical abortion procedures. Oftentimes the reason could be economic, as those women may be financially incapacitated of supporting a child. Other reasons could be health issues and emotional issues. Whatever reason you may have, you should be ready to undergo this tender procedure. Ideally, before going to a clinic, you should assess yourself if you are qualified to undergo a medical abortion procedure.

Your Last Menstruation Should Be 9 Weeks or Earlier

One requirement for eligibility for medical abortion is that you have to be 9 weeks pregnant. Doctors will advise you to take abortion pills if you are still pregnant for 9 weeks or earlier, as approved by the FDA. Taking an abortion pill is safer compared to any other legal method. But if you decide to have an abortion after 9 weeks then it would be best to discuss with your physician about the safest methods of surgical abortion procedures that he or she can recommend to you.

You Must Be Emotionally Prepared

Another identifying factor if you're qualified to undergo an abortion procedure is to be physically and emotionally prepared. You should be sure about your decision and must not have second thoughts to proceed with the abortion. If you are still hesitant then it's advisable to consult first your abortion physician about it. Ideally you should be emotionally stable to submit yourself for the procedures. Never understimate the psychological and emotional complications that may occur if the abortion procedure was not done properly, or you experience bouts of depression prior to the procedure.

You Are Ready to Do Follow-Up Medical Check-Ups

An abortion procedure requires at least two follow-up medical check-ups. This could be more dependent on the advice of your physician. These check-ups are important so that the doctor can monitor the success of the procedure. The doctor will also check on you if the abortion pill you took was effective and if you encountered any side effects. You should return to the clinic after the procedure and submit yourself for a physical examination. This is one way of ensuring that you are still healthy even after undergoing the abortion procedure.

Being qualified to undergo this tender procedure is important to ensure your health and safety. Most of all you should be physically and psychologically fit to go through with this procedure.