As a mompreneur or woman entrepreneur, you may be feeling pressure to cope with various demands in your professional and personal life. How can you be successful in running your business while raising children as a mom who is single, married, or in a relationship?

Whatever form your family might be, you are faced up to the same challenge: You want to treat well the people that matter most to you, but you also want to fulfill your entrepreneurial aspirations. How can you achieve this?

1. Record time for 7 days

Note down the time spent on working and the time spent with your family. Then consider any adjustments that could be made. Do not discount the time spend preparing your children for school. This will particularly ease the pressure if you are a young mom feeling that you neglect your children in favor of work. You realize you are not such a bad mom after all.

2. Work (with specific limits) on weekends

Working on weekends can be productive. As a mompreneur, you want to follow a flexible schedule. So instead of cramming all job tasks into 5 days, you can spread them out. One day, you may work a bit more, the next one a bit less. According to business experts, 40 hours of work are enough for building a career. So it is difficult, but not unachievable.

3. Be fully present when devoting time either in your family or your career

Your family members deserve the right attention; so when you are engaged in a conversation with them, do not let your mind wander. When doing a particular task, you can accomplish more when you are completely focused. A considerable part of what I talk about is consciousness – in all life areas.

4. Involve your children or spouse in work

Share your aspirations and concerns with your better half and children and discuss how they can help you by taking on some tasks; your children in particular are likely to enjoy being part of the 'family business'; it will make them feel important and teach them to be responsible. The boundaries between family life and work life may become indistinct, but this approach may work for you.

5. Make time for yourself alone

This is not a selfish act. It may sound a bit difficult, as running a business and growing a family require your full commitment. Yet, you also need to nurture your mind, spirit, and body to be able to perform well. Your spouse, partner, a relative, or friend friend could help by taking over domestic duties and childcare for a while so that you unwind and resume with new vigour.

6. Create a work area in your home

It will help you concentrate more easily. So inform your family about your need to have a separate space so that they respect what you are doing and do not distract you while working. You can even ask for their help to create or decorate this space and make them feel that they have a more valuable role in your vision.