Our bra is our constant companion and it is something that we have with us every day. If you are not wearing the right size, it can lead to discomfort and in some cases, may even damage your breast tissue and cause stretch marks or sacking. Most people are going to focus on being fitted for a bra properly and this can certainly have some benefit. It is also a good idea for you to recognize the signs that your current bra size may not be the right size. If you have been fitted with a 36a bra, here are some ways for you to determine if it is the wrong size for you.

Check the Straps – Many women tend to feel that the straps are not fitting properly because they have smaller shoulders. This is especially true for women who are petite and may have a smaller bust size. The fact is, however, the shoulder straps and other straps on the bra should fit properly if the bra is the right size. If you find that you have to adjust the straps to the point where they are cutting into your shoulders, you are wearing a bra that is the wrong size. In essence, you are forging the straps to support your breasts, a job that is better left to the cups.

Check the Hooks – Most bras come with several different hooks in order to provide some adjustment in the band size. If you constantly wear your bra and attach it in the last clasp, you are wearing a bra that is too loose. Regardless of whether you wear it on the first or the last clasp, it should still provide some support for you. If you have a bra and can pull it at least one inch away from your body (without stretching it), you need to reduce your bra size. Another possibility is that the bra strap itself has been worn out, in which case you need to purchase another one.

Check for Bulges – One of the issues that is often a problem for women is sometimes referred to as armpit boobs. This occurs when the straps of the bra do not fit properly on your side and it forms bulges. This is a combination of problems, including a large band and a small cup size. Your entire breast should fit into the cup and it should support the breast tissue. If you are not wearing the proper size bra, your breast tissue could have forced backwards, causing the bulges which are unattractive.

Check for Wrinkles – One other indication that you are wearing the wrong bra size is the possibility of wrinkles. If there is any puckering or wrinkles that form in the cups of the bra or if there is extra fabric at the top, it is going to make it difficult for you to wear clothes without it showing. If you have this difficulty, you should reduce your cup size to get rid of the wrinkles but do not reduce it so much that you are uncomfortable.