Medical sciences have developed so much in the last few decades that even the pioneers of medical sciences might get astonished. One such procedure that has revolutionized human infertility syndrome is Intra Uterine Insemination or IUI. As the name suggests, in this procedure the semen from the male partner is injected into the uterus directly through artificial means.

The procedure is carried out in all the IUI centers across the country and it is transported out as follows. Firstly a speculum is inserted and then an extremely flexible and very thin catheter is guided through the cervix and the specially prepared sperm called as washed sperm is injected into the uterus. The speculum is then gently reduced to ease the discomfort followed by the catheter. You will be surprised to know that the whole procedure only takes about five minutes or so.

Many women nowdays are going for an IUI over IVF or other fertility procedures as the latter are more invasive procedures. It is normal to feel unwell after the procedure and even experience cramps after getting the IUI done. The physicist will tell you to take some rest for the remaining day and not to strain yourself. A majority of the women reduce their aerobics or gym classes that include heavy lifting hoping that this absence will boost the implantation of the egg. If cramps persist and it becomes unbearable then doctors advice you to take acetaminophen based pain relieving medicines.

To speak in general terms, you can have sexual intercourse whenever you want after going through the IUI procedure. In some cases the health care providers even advise having an interval if it helps to ensure that the ovulation will be kept covered for some time. During some procedures, along with a speculum a tenaculum is used to keep the opening of the cervix relaxed. It might happen that because of this you experience some amount of bleeding. In such cases only, the physician or the health care provider you are consulting will ask you to wait for at least forty-eight hours before having an intercourse. However if you have your procedure done in the best infertility center then the procedure goes very smoothly.

For those women who go for IVF procedures it is mandatory to go easy for a while. IVF being very invasive as compared to an IUI, claims that the patient to be sedentary for 24 hours. Most of the doctors recommend this. They also recommend two-three weeks of complete absence from intercourse. The doctors even recommend that the women should not indulge in strenuous exercises like horse riding, swimming or jogging until the date when pregnancy is confirmed.

This is why you must always consult your doctor even if you have gotten the IUI procedure done from one of the best IUI centers in your area and do not confuse IUI with IVF.