When it comes to keeping yourself clean after a bathroom visit, we've come a long way to get to the bidet spray of the 21st century.

We all know that personal hygiene is important, especially when we use the toilet for 'a sit down'. At the beginning of time, and we're talking BC here – the human race relied on nature for wiping their bottoms. Early Man, bereft of toilet paper, used good old green grass to wipe his posterior. This was, of course, a very long time ago.

The Romans were the first to make any attempt to keep themselves anything close to clean. Basically they pioneered the 'sponge stick', which is exactly what it sounds like: a sponge on the end of a stick. Full marks for creativity, and it obviously worked. We are not talking the highest standards of personal hygiene here but it certainly beat grass.

Then things go a bit awry. A sponge on the end of a stick is actually quite sensible when you consider what the human race decided to use in the 1700's. The next time you sit down to dinner you may not want to think about the fact that the 1700's toilet users used corn on the cob to clean their rectum. There are many things wrong with this, not least the fact that this was food, and food costs money. On top of all that, we just do not understand how anyone can think it would be a good idea to rub a club made out of sweet corn around there. But that was that, eighth century madness.

Civilization mercifully returned to the toilet in the 1800s. It is almost as if people realized that corn on the cob was a stinker of a concept, and saw sense. This era saw the invention of toilet paper as we know it (but probably not as soft), which was a huge leap forward and mean that cleanliness was being taken seriously at last.

This led to the all-important concept of disposing of the toilet roll after use, which did wonders for the personal hygiene of millions of civilized people (but not so much for our sewers).

The humble toilet roll has been around for centuries now, and it is very much a staple of our supermarket shopping bill. Week after week, we buy a new batch, which over a year can add up quite considerably. Another problem is that unfortunately, most people do not wash their hands satisfactorily after using toilet paper, leaving bacteria on their hands.

At last we arrive at the 21st century, and come to the bidet sprayer, a truly revolutionary appliance that allows the user to essentially take a mini shower every time they use the toilet.

This does not just clean; it invigorates and refreshes, and promotes the highest standards of personal hygiene. Users of bidet sprayers, apart from reporting that they feel cleaner, also feel healthier. It kills bacteria by cleansing this intimate area immediately, without the problem of poor hygiene through messy toilet paper. Everything is cleaned, especially if you incorporated soap into the equation for the ultra clean, although not necessary.

So there you have it. It's been quite a journey from grass to the bidet spray, but this mini shower will make every trip to the bathroom an infinite cleaner and more pleasant experience.