Let us help you with the changes that pregnancy can bring to your skin, so you can cherish this time and truly glow. Most organic and natural skincare brands do not contain any of the possible harmful ingredients which could potentially affect the health of your developing baby. Many women choose to follow an organic natural skincare regimen as possible when they are pregnant and breastfeeding. A women's skincare needs change during pregnancy. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes with the hormonal fluctuations that cause havoc to the skin. Also after your child is born sleepless nights, breastfeeding and the increased stress, your skin and hair needs a lot of tender loving care. Using gentle ingredients will revive dull tired skin, nourish your scalp and hair and soothe any irritation.

Blemished and oily skin that is affected by hormonal changes is brought back to a balance by using pure oils that resemble skin's own sebum. Using a natural range of skincare will also naturally heal and soothe with anti-bacterial ingredients any hormonal changes that occur that causes acne and blemishes. AHAs (including glycolic or lactic acids), vitamin C serums (and other antioxidant serums) are great ingredients to use for blemished skin while you are pregnant. Lactic acid does not treat acne but it does effectively clean out clogged skin pores that can lead to acne.

Stretch marks – Stretch marks and pregnancy is a common concern of expecting moms. During the second and third trimesters your uterus will grow rapidly, stretching the skin over the abdomen and tear the connective tissues in the dermis. The torn tissue heals with irregular scars known as stretch marks (striae gravidarum). Growth of fat deposits in the breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks can cause stretch marks in these areas as well.â € ¨Stretch marks and pregnancy affect up to 90% of all women. They occur more often in first pregnancies, the fair-skinned, and the overweight. There is definitely a genetic component so you may not be able to avoid them, but there are things you can do to minimize your risk. Certified organic body oils that is naturally rich in antioxidants and nutrients with pure oils that is readily accepted by the skin will increase elasticity and help prevent stretch marks by protecting and strengthen the skin. Massage with plant oils and safe essential oils to your abdomen, thighs and breasts, hips and buttocks, twice daily to help prevent and minimize them. Always apply to damp skin for deeper penetration and greater efficiency.

Vitamins – Vitamin C helps to speed wound healing, and maintaining collagen which is a protein necessary for the formation of connective tissue in the skin. Also include food sources in your diet that are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin E which is also a anti-oxidant is also beneficial for wound healing and to keep the skin supple. Include food sources such as avocado, eggs and cold pressed oils.

Tips to maintain good skin during and after pregnancy

1. Use body oil to minimize stretch stretch marks. Certified organic Jojoba oil is great to use to alleviate itchy skin. Certified organic Rosehip oil is a multi purpose oil that can be helpful to repair the skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and help the symptoms with dry itchy skin.

2. Body brush daily to exfoliate skin, help to eliminate toxins and stimulate circulation. Always be gentle when you are body brushing.

Chloasma is also known as the mask-of-pregnancy and affects almost 75% of all pregnant women. The best way to keep your skin free of dark pigmented spots on your face is protect it daily with a natural mineral foundation that uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that is sun protective ingredients to provide coverage and to hide the spots

So why using a certified organic beauty brand is a safe alternative?

Natural, certified organic safe facial and body care is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and is an essential aspect of pregnancy. Their products are free of chemicals and synthetics, artificial dyes and fragrances, TEA, DEA, Glycols, Silicones and PEGS. Their products are Ethoxylated and Formaldehyde free. They contain no parabens or petroleum derivatives, no sulphates, and are never tested on animals. They contain preservatives that are based on natural ingredients as well as food grade preservatives such as potassium sorbate which are Certified Organic to International Food Grade Standards. They are naturally processed, and raw when possible. All items are packaged in glass, and / or safe packaging when possible, to maintain the quality and integrity of these high-grade ingredients. Certified organic ingredients contain no pesticides or pesticide residues.They are designed to nurture, soothe and heal women on their all important journey of nurturing life, to give you peace of mind as you nurture yourself and the life within. Only organic, food-grade products with naturally processed ingredients are safe alternatives for pregnant women.