Many women suffering from fibroids find it difficult to find a cure and get rid of the disease. What many of them do not know is that they can use a natural cure for fibroids which effectively eliminates the ailment. Using natural cures is recommended because they have no side effects and are effective in eliminating this condition that affects about 75 percent of all women in child-bearing years.

One thing one must be aware is that fibroids manifests itself in form of non-cancerous tumors in the uterus. Although they rarely require treatment, they can cause discomfort, pelvic pain, heavy menstrual bleeding and pregnancy complications, backache and headaches. It is therefore necessary to cure this condition and the best way to go about it is by the use of natural cures. You should consult your doctor before embarking on the use of any natural cure for fibroids. Some of the different natural cures that are effective include;

Sea Greens

These consist mainly of vegetables that grow under the surface of the ocean. These vegetables contain numerous nutritional benefits that help reduce uterine fibroids. Research has shown that these sea greens contain minerals, vitamins and enzymes that promote good health which includes the health of your uterus. For instance, they contain iodine which is effective in treating them.


Adding garlic to your food adds flavor and can also help treat your uterine fibroids by shrinking them. Garlic contains compounds that inhibit the growth of tumors, including fibroids. Additionally, garlic boosts your immune system as it contains antioxidants thereby boosting your overall health and helping suppress the growth. Fresh garlic is effective but if you have large fibroids, garlic supplements are more effective.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain huge amounts of vitamin C which is an important vitamin in the treatment of uterine fibroids. These fruits include grapefruits, oranges, limes and lemons. Vitamin C boosts immunity and helps prevent infections as well as contributing to the shaving of them.

Orange Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and orange fruits derive their vibrant color from an antioxidant known as beta carotene. As your body digests them, this antioxidant becomes vitamin A which promotes healthy tissue growth and repair. This encourages uterine fibroids to shrink and heal well. It is recommended that one should take foods rich in beta carotene such as carrots, sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe and orange bell peppers. These foods help treat effectively.

High Fiber Foods

Fiber is beneficial to those suffering from fibroids because it helps draw out the estrogen stored in the body which is solely responsible for the their occurrence. These foods include beans, avocados, apples, peas, carrots and cereal. Adding these foods to your diet can help your body over fibroids naturally and effectively.

Watch your Weight

Losing excess weight can help shrink fibroids naturally. You should be guided by your doctor to embark on a weight loss regimen to make sure you lose weight of you are overweight. Embark on a low-fat diet mainly consisting of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and vegetables. Exercise regularly and take at least eight glasses of water each day. Being active and fit is itself a natural cure for fibroids.