Birth can be beautiful but also traumatic. It is important always to check with a doctor for symptoms you are unsure of, however there are a number of physical symptoms that can come from posture alone. Lack of sleep and stress can add to the change, aggravating symptoms. Taking a little time for yourself to check in with your body or getting a massage, even for 30 min can help reduce stress, increase immunity, reduce aches and pains and loosen those well used muscles. The following is a list of problems every day problems you might encounter.

Headaches and neck pain – When you have a new baby you spend most of your time looking down. This goes for both men and woman. For most of us, this will cause neck pain. For some of us staying in this unnatural position will lead to headaches. We encourage you to switch sides while your holding the baby so that you are not always looking one direction. Take time to stretch both arms and neck. If you are already experiencing symptoms, massage can be very helpful to get you on the right track and we will go over the home care so you can do it yourself.

Depression – Holding a baby is full of joy but sitting with rounded shoulders can mimic the post you have when your depressed. Take time to pillow yourself so that you can sit comfortably with your shoulders rolled back. Stretch by holding your arms out wide and pulling your shoulders back. Touch can be very helpful if your feeling a bit blue. Massage from a partner or a professional who cares can make a difference. Take some time for yourself or let someone else take it.

Numbness, tingling, cold feelings in the hands – Carpal tunnel or nerve entrapment due to over use-where you had two hands, now you use one … for everything! One hand holds baby, and the other takes up the slack. Be sure to switch sides when you hold the baby so that one arm and hand are not doing the same tasks over and over. It may be uncomfortable and awkward in the beginning, but you might save yourself a lot of aggravation in the end. If you already have symptoms, stretching the whole arm can be an effective way to relive symptoms. Carpal tunnel and nerve entrapments are highly treatable with massage and stretching.

Low back pain -You are carting around an extra 10 to 20 lbs every day, and as the baby gets a little older, you have started holding him or her on your hip, it is a lot easier than just one arm. Make sure to switch sides often. Holding the baby on your hip can take a lot of the stress out of you upper back, but raising one hip all the time can be hard on your lower spine. Try to stay balanced and stretch both back and legs. A hot shower or bath goes a long way to loosing things up. Over time this imbalance can result in pain, pain down the leg, and tingling in the toes. Be sure to seek help if things do not improve. And remember, this goes for both men and women.

Starting a family represents a huge change, as with any new physical task you are bound to experience some changes. Even though you are caring for your little one, be sure to take the time to care for yourself so that you can be the best parent possible.