Breast augmentation is a medical procedure to enhance one's breast size with the use of breast implants. Surgeries are always accompanied by risks and the placement of foreign substances or breast implants could result in a number of complications. Many women want to enhance their breasts size for cosmetic reasons and to boost their self-confidence. They are under the impression that surgery is the only option and so they often disregard the risks of surgery and put themselves under the knife to enhance their breasts and to make them feel more attractive and more confident. It is important to know the risks of breast augmentation before making a drastic decision of putting yourself under the knife.

Although breast enhancement surgery gives fast results and successful to others, it can also be a disaster because of the risks involved. What are the risks of breastfeeding augmentation?

Complications from the surgery. One of the risks of breast augmentation is the complications that could have during and after the surgery. Any surgery is risky and complications may occur during and after the surgery. Complications like reaction to anaesthesia, hematoma or collection of blood on the surgical site, infections when the wounds do not heal properly or the wounds get contaminated or infected with microorganisms or bacteria, swelling or infection, loss of nipples sensation, over sensitivity of nipples, bruising, seroma or accumulation of fluids around the implants, skin rashes, delayed wound healing, necrosis or the formation of dead skin or tissues around the surgical site and the possibility that you may not be able to breastfeed anymore.

Cosmetic issues. Although the main goal for breast augmentation is to make the breasts look attractive, this is not always achieved. The risks of breast augmentation include cosmetics issues. Patients and even surgeons may not be satisfied with the end results. Some of the cosmetic concerns after breast augmentation are scarring, breast asymmetry or uneven appearance of breasts, misalignment of nipples if nipples are repositioned, chest wall deformity, implants displacement, visibility of implants and implant wrinkling.

Dangers of silicone and saline implants. The most dangerous risks of breast augmentation are the risks involving issues with the implants. As mentioned above, breast augmentation involves the placement of implants. Once a foreign object is inserted in the human body, it is accompanied by risks. There are two kinds of breast implants; the silicone and saline implants. Both implants use silicone as an outer shell but the difference is the inside; saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater and silicone implants are filled with silicone gel. Both have the dangers of leakage and rupture in the long run that could be dangerous to one's health. Saline leaks or ruptures faster than silicone implants. It is easy to notice saline leakage or rupture and it is just saltwater absorbed by the body. However, silicone implants leakage and rupture is difficult to spot and may take some time before it could be noticed and it can only be seen through MRI. The leaked silicone stays in the body and could affect various lymph nodes and body organs that may result in a number of diseases. Silicone ruptures are linked to conditions like lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, pulmonary fibrosis, cancer and other health issues.

Additional surgeries. Implants will always leak or rupture and you need additional surgeries to repair or remove the implants not to mention the additional treatments needed for the complications caused by the implant rupture. Additional surgeries may be needed to correct cosmetic concerns like asymmetry issues. The financial burden of multiple surgeries can be very overwhelming. The quality of your life will also be greatly compromised if your health is at risk due to various complications from your implants. Breast augmentation is an expensive procedure and could become more expensive in the long run due to its maintenance and possible complications. The risks of breast augmentation could greatly affect the financial and health status of women.

Breast size probably matters to most women but it is not worth compromising your health or your life just to strengthen your breasts. If small breasts are making your life miserable, there are alternatives to surgery. Natural breast enhancement treatment could be an option. To know more visit Herbal Breast Enhancement