If you are a mom of one child or multiple, your job requires that you are available 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. Breaks are few and far between when you are a stay-at-home mom or work outside of the home. As a tired mom, you are constantly asking yourself “is there a better way to get through my day?” Well if you are, then you may be making some of these common mistakes.

1. Are you living on caffeine just to get through the day?

Moms are the busiest and most sleep deprived people. The daily routine of many mothers can be daunting. Moms put most all of their energy and efforts towards making sure that the kids are taken care of, fed, and presentable. Moms make sure that the kids are to school, practices and sporting events on time. Your energy is running low, so you grab a cup of coffee or soda just to make it through to the next task. That only lasts for so long before it is time to recharge again.

Caffeine can give a tired mom the boost that she needs to help wake up and feel less exhausted. It is not, however, a substitute for a nutritious breakfast as it has become. Many moms have caffeine throughout the day just to make it to the next task at hand. Moms can become even more sleep deprived by having caffeine, a stimulant, too close to bedtime as it can make it challenging to fall sleep. You may also have to make middle-of-the-night bathroom trips being that caffeine is also a diuretic.

2. Do you crave sugary or starchy foods?

When moms are feeling deflated, they will reach for sugary or starchy foods. And why not? These foods tend to be on hand and in abundance when you have kids. These types of foods tend to metabolize quickly to give that sudden burst of energy by boosting blood sugar levels, then leave you wanting more when your sugar levels drop back to below normal levels. A tired mom may tend to eat many of these foods by snacking through the day with her children. When mom's body can not process the extra sugar or starch, it tends to get added onto the extra weight that did not come off after baby.

3. Are you nutrient deprived?

Nutrient shortcomings should be considered when you are a tired mom. Many moms get so busy with their baby and / or older children that they forget meals, or just simply run out of time. And what is the most missed meal? You guessed it – breakfast. Getting a nutritious breakfast gives mom the right start for her day with the energy she needs to tackle all those important tasks. She is, very likely, going to make better food choices throughout the day if started off right.

Being a mom can one of the most fun and rewarding experiences. Moms are required to have all and know all for their children. Just like a car, you can not accomplish what is needed if you leave your tank running on empty. There are better ways to get the energy you need to handle the ever building day-to-day responsibilities. By making a few small changes, you can make being a tired mom a thing of the past.