Artificial insemination – appropriately rated as one of the most important miracles in the medical history of mankind, has brought with it lots of smiles and dreams. Here we talk about smiles which arise on the faces of those who have dared to dream about savoring the delights of parenthood –regardless of their abilities to conceive.

IVF and IUI treatment procedures have also served as a light at the end of the tunnel for millions of displaced couples looking for reliable and affordable means of having their own child. However, like every good thing on Earth, these treatment procedures also come packaged with their own misconceptions and myths. Lets deal with them one at a time.

Not Completely Developed

Most believe that technology connected with artificial insemination is comparatively recent and undeveloped. These concepts are totally unfounded and far removed from the truth. The processes connected with sperm donation have brought about positive impacts in the lives of people since the last fifty years-in many more ways than one.

Couples do Not Benefit from this Program

The advantages connected with IVF are plenty. Many successful couples have gone through the process – which necessitates the implantation of donor sperms inside the reproductive tract of the female. A catheter / syringe is used for the purpose. 1 / 8th of the total number of couples suffering from the problems of infertility or conception have benefited from this highly successful program. Need you ask for more?

Trivial fact-more than 5000 children take birth through IVF treatment every year-in the USA alone!

Sperm donation Programs are Illegal

Absolutely untrue! Sperm donor program and sperm banks are under the strict regulations laid down by legal authorities-just like any other medical process or facility. Each sperm donor has to undergo a series of test before his contribution can make it to the racks of the bank. They need to have certificates which rate them free from any genetic disorder or STD. Severe medical tests are also conducted to testify the virility of their sperms.

The entire process of sperm donation and artificial insemination is safe and free from any unwarranted or potential health hazards. Patients can get positive results in a speedy way and without having to go through heavy financial burdens. Serious confidentiality laws are in place to make sure that the identity of the sperm donor is not disclosed in any way-including a foolproof treatment process, free from any future hassles or complaints connected with parental rights.

Regardless of the various myths and baseless concepts which surround the relativity of these programs, more and more patients are now approaching skilled experts– to tackle their infertility problems and concerns connected with being childless.