Test done at home and at the Doctor's clinic

At this time, with all the major changes transpiring in technology, pregnancy tests are being carried out right at home. Having said that, some women still find it safer and much easier to have a pregnancy test carried out at the doctor's clinic to make sure that it's precise. The pregnancy test that is done in the doctor's clinic is a blood test which could turn out to be somewhat challenging for some women. These blood tests are proven to be accurate with the exception of some rare cases.

Pregnancy test undertaken at home

Lots of women find it easy to take a pregnancy test at home since they do not have pay a visit a medical professional and afterwards wait for the results. The test at home is considered the most accurate mainly because it takes advantage of urine traces to find if for example the woman is pregnant. The HCG, generally known as human chorionic gonadotrophin, is searched within the urine because it points to the development of the placenta. Monoclonal antibody is likewise searched in pregnancy tests that are undertaken at home because HCG is commonly confused with other hormones.

Inaccuracy of tests done at home

It is considered that the pregnancy test taken at your home is the most accurate test but its result could have been inaccurate if the test is not taken at the proper time. False negative would usually be the exit of an inaccurate test. A false positive result shows that a woman is pregnant but the truth is the women is not suddenless this result is very uncommon and could even be a heartbreaking situation for couples expecting a baby.

The value of time

Time is deemed essential for the results of the most accurate test to determine if the egg has been fertilized. It is always encouraged to wait a week immediately after missing out on her period before the test so that it is accurate. It is also essential to take the pregnancy test in the morning with fresh urine which has no liquid or water diluted in it. These advices could very well be used to obtain an accurate test but it must be taken into account that these results could be wrong, even after using them. So it will be advisable to take alternative tests regarding as being the most accurate test to determine if the egg has been fertilized or not. Pregnancy testing is important and in order to do the entire process within an accurate way it is very important consult with a gynecologist to confirm pregnancy when the desired results are positive.