Superfluous question you think, so why even ask?

Everybody knows women dread the period that marks the end of their childbearing life. Men dread it too since they are affected by their partner's, mother's, sister's internal turmoil and external signs like sweat-bathed bodies signifying this event.

Women do not mourn so much the end of childbearing, but what many believe is the end of youth, the appearance of wrinkles, decline of smooth, lustrous skin and, above all, sex appeal. One could go on lamenting the menopausal state, but why? It does not have to be this dreadful period of hot flushes and sweating, imagined loss of youth with weight gains in all the wrong places, mood swings and depression.

It is pointless to dwell on symptoms that appear during this midlife episode because it is just that – an episode that will vanish after the body has adjusted to its hormonal change.

However, the big question is WHEN will it all go away and when will normalcy come home again. Well, this all depends on you. You are the one in control of your body, and only you can decide on the duration of your menopause and its intensity.

Of course, any life change is handled according to the individual's personality and attitude, but in general, a well-fed and trained body has better defenses.

So, start early and plan ahead by eating the best high quality food you can get. By all means, eat organically grown vegetables and grass-fed animal products. Cook food in your own kitchen with ingredients you chose for their quality. Cook with good fats, like extra-virgin coconut oil, use flaxseed oil and extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil for salads or to dress vegetables. The oils should only be housed in dark glass bottles to insure that they do not deteriorate through air and light.

Do not be afraid of eating fats! Fats do not make you fat contrary to what has been in the news these last thirty years. However, reduce the amounts of grains, bread, pasta and sweet baked products.

Eat more vegetables instead and those that are in season. Eat vegetables that are high in phytoestrogens. These are natural estrogens found in many different greens. Phytoestrogens keep innate estrogens in balance and are anti-cancer.

For a list of foods high in phytoestrogens go to:

By all means stop eating when you still want a second helping. You are full at that point, you will realize this a few minutes later, when after the second helping you feel stuffed.

Exercise, no matter what. There is always time for it. It takes only a small amount of will power to look for that time.

Make sure that your hormones are balanced. You can tell by PMS symptoms or irregular periods. An herbal supplement can often take care of this. PMS symptoms respond well to Calcium and Magnesium supplement together with herbs. With balanced periods before menopause, the event will be much more tolerable.

When menopause finally is at your door, you are a well-nourished, thoroughly exercise, balanced woman who can battle hormone wars with ease. Good food has given you steadfast emotions together with a strong body to have an attitude that can take internal tornados in stride. A woman unafraid of her bodily upheavals considers a drenching hot flush as a detoxifying sauna experience. The body has to rid itself of those chemical processes by sweating it out.

There is help during menopause in the form of supplements and herbs like Vitex, Black Cohosh, and Don Quai. Homeopathy has an array of very effective remedies in pellet or liquid form. Some are combinations others are single remedies based on an individual's symptoms. They work wonders for hot flushes, changing moods and depressive states. Consulting a homeopathic practitioner who will find the correct remedy by considering all your symptoms is always a good idea. Homeopathy is a real miracle worker.

If mood swings become too extreme, good stand-bys are L-Theanine, 5HTP, Rhodeola, Ginseng as herbal tinctures or capsules. It is better to resort to those than to sweet nothings like cookies and cakes or even anti-depressants. Although occasion chocolate, the dark and semi sweet kind, can take your mind off your body. But remember, you do not want to gain weight around your middle to advertise your middle age.

There is always a supplement that can target the issue when the going gets too rough to bear. Alternative medicine has everything needed to make your life comfortable during changing hormonal events and at other times. Get your health in gear before it starts to get you down, because a body in superior health can overcome any discomfort presented at that time. Trust me, it can be done. Life will go on, fortunately, with renewed vigor and trust that the new stage will be exciting in a different way. Also a feeling of gratitude will result that it could have been worse, but was not.

And at the very end of those years, when your body is once more in balance and harmony, admiring looks and smiles will fly your way again. This is your confirmation that your inner light is still on. You did overcome a woman's worst crisis, by eating well, exercising and maintaining a positive attitude. You won the battle with determination and discipline over the big bad menopause wolf.